Iwatsu Enterprise CS Telephone System
  1740 West Sam Houston Pkwy N., Houston, TX 77043
(281) 497-8181
  (713) 849-3344


Iwatsu Enterprise CS Telephone System

Model Number: Iwatsu ECS

  • Networking Integration
  • Acd Integration
  • Omegatrek Wireless Integration
  • Voice Mail / Automated Attendant Integration
  • E-response Help Call
  • Conversation Recording

Versatile platform that supports 100% TDM, 100% IP or a combination of both TDM and IP capabilities. Converges voice and data traffic for higher cost-savings, fewer hardware requirements and more flexible bandwidth usage.

Reliable modular design lets you start small and grow big with add-on features and applications, contact center solutions, in- building wireless roaming and more.

Cost-effective integration of Enterprise-CS capabilities with any ADIX system lets ADIX users get an IP upgrade without replacing their current system. Web integration provides convenient browser-based system administration and reduced maintenance costs.

Flash-based software allows system updates from a remote maintenance console, eliminates the need to modify or replace hardware to support new software revisions. Supports peer-to-peer communication enabling IP phones to talk to each other directly and rely less on system resources.
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