Iwatsu ADIX-VS
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Iwatsu ADIX-VS

Model Number: Iwatsu ADIX-VS

  • Six Line By Fourteen Digital Stations Max Configuration
  • Door Phone
  • Two Single Line Telephone (slt) Ports
  • Headset Mode
  • Four-port Voicemail
  • Live Call Record
  • Auto Attendant
  • Live Call Screening
  • Call Forward To External Number
  • Music On Hold
  • Caller Id
  • Remote Programming
  • Conference
  • Wireless Stations

The ADIX-VS is ideal for small businesses and home offices that need advanced communications capabilities, but don’t have an immediate need to expand beyond 14 digital telephones. Expandability is ultimately not an issue, because the system grows with the business. When a larger system is required, many of the components can migrate to the larger Iwatsu Enterprise-CS platform.

Omega-Voice VMI Voicemail

The integrated Omega-Voice VMI voicemail will take your business communications to the next level with flexible, productivity-enhancing voicemail capabilities. With up to four voice mail ports, 100 mailboxes and 25 hours of message storage, the Omega-Voice VMI provides your company with the voicemail processing power necessary to meet business demands. Along with standard mailbox features, advanced features such as forwarding voicemails to multiple destinations and monitoring messages as they are recording optimize voicemail with capabilities normally found in much larger systems.



Effective calling handling is a significant part of customer service, which is why it is essential to ensure that your incoming customer calls are handled efficiently and professionally. With the Omega-Voice VMI Automated Attendant feature, callers are met with customized greetings based on the incoming line or number dialed, and are efficiently directed through helpful menu options. Receptionists can lighten their workloads with this solution as the majority of calls are routed directly to the intended recipient.


Caller ID

For enhanced customer service and call tracking, businesses can also use stored Caller ID information in the ADIX-VS to review abandoned calls or all calls. This can be especially beneficial in maximizing customer service as abandoned calls can be stored based on caller disconnects before the call is handled, while it’s on hold, or during a transfer. With number storage, businesses have the tools necessary to measure and enhance call handling and customer service.

Omega-Phone Digital Key Telephones

Enhance your daily communications capabilities with an Iwatsu Voice Networks' Pmega-Phone. Delivering reliable high performance, these Omega-Phones were designed with features based on input from Iwatsu Voice Networks' customers, providing flexible and convenient station advantages:

  • Two-line, Sixteen-character Backlit Display
  • Standard Handset Connector
  • Call Monitor
  • Full-duplex Speakerphone
  • Longer Handset And Base Cords
  • Oversized Message Indicator Lamp
  • Seven-position Station Angle Adjustment
  • Universal Mute Key
  • Whisper Page
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