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Speco Technologies NEW Temperature Reading Panel with Temperature, Face, & Mask Recognition!


We have chosen Speco Technologies as the best camera solution for small to mid-sized companies needing a reliable surveillance solution.  Below we have listed the HD-TVI Technology and the IP Technology options that will help you decide which model is the right solution. 

With the latest technology at our fingertips, HD-TVI, we can reuse your existing Coax cable to support 1080p HD quality cameras. Click the HD-TVI icon below to see the many options you have. 

8 Channel HD-TVI DVR Product Info

16 Channel HD-TVI DVR Product Info

Why IP?

With the latest advancements and shifts in technology network video systems are more cost-effective and scalable than ever. Start with what you need at a price you can afford and grow, add and expand the system as needed. 

Not only do IP cameras present a crystal clear HD image, you can also access all cameras remotely from anywhere at any time with an Internet connection. View real-time video or access stored footage from an offsite NVR or server easily through your smartphone, tablet or a PC. 

With an IP system peace-of-mind and mobility are possible.

Speco 8 Channel Network Video Recorder with 8 built-in PoE

Speco 16 Channel Network Video Recorder with 16 built-in PoE


Please click below on the other products we offer, if you have a moment.

Sound Masking sound masking is a popular acoustic technology that makes an office more comfortable and private by reducing noise distractions.

CommSoft RMS for call recording needs.

Iwatsu discontinued but we can help support this system while you plan your next solution.

Panasonic phone systems, security cameras and ideas for life.

Speco Technologies security cameras for onsite storage or Cloud off-premise solutions.

Structured Cabling for all your data, voice, audio/video and low voltage cabling needs. 

SIP Trunking to help lower your monthly phone bills while providing free long distance