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Qt Conference Room

Model Number: Qt Conference Room

The Qt Conference Room system is designed specifically for conference rooms, meeting rooms, and board rooms. The all-in-one solution includes a control module, privacy signs, and emitters. It is ideal for protecting speech privacy with spot treatment


For the Modern Conference Room



What is it?

The Qt Conference Room Edition is a cost-effective solution designed to make sure conversations in
conference rooms remain private.


How does it work?

Our patented direct-field sound masking technology adds a low-level background sound outside of the
conference room. The background sound is optimized to mask human speech which makes it less
intelligible to unwanted listeners.


Why do I need it?

In today’s modern office the lack of speech privacy is a real problem. Acoustics and sound privacy are
often overlooked during construction. The Qt Conference Room Edition allows businesses to achieve
proper speech privacy - without sacrificing conference room design.


There is a reason you're not meeting in the breakroom

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