Cable Technicians Needed!
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Cable installation work in businesses to install and repair network & telecommunications cables. This could be phone lines, internet cables or cable television. Cable installers often work directly with the customer, and customer service is a big part of this job, as is the technical know-how to use diagnostic equipment and tools to service network telecommunications equipment.


  • During a cable installation, you will need to keep track of parts used, time spent at a customer's business and repairs made.
  • Wires and cables are color coded for safety reasons, and installers must have color vision to help them in their job.
  • Working directly with customers means that cable installers need to be friendly, polite and be able to describe the actions being taken during repair or installation.
  • Installing and repairing wires and cables means using your hands, and having full range of motion in your hands and fingers is necessary.
  • Working with computers, diagnostic equipment and complex machines could be part of the job.
  • Cable installers need to be able to find the root cause of technical issues and devise a solution for repairing it.
  • Must have a valid Texas driver’s license and a clean driving record.
  • Experience not required, but preferred.

Level of qualification:

Cable Technician Entry Level

  • Terminate Jacks And Patch Panels
  • Pull Cable
  • Terminates Cable On Cross Connects, Hubs, And Routers
  • Able To Read Blueprints

Cable Technician Level 2

  • Pulls Cables, Such As Coaxial, Twin-ax, Twisted Pair, Optical Fiber And Other Cable Types, Through Conduit, Above Ceilings And Between Floors, Able To Tip/terminate/test Cable
  • Ability To Read Blueprints
  • Works Under General Supervision And Capable Of Operating As A Team Leader